Hi I’m Kori. I want to tell you stuff about my life and experiences.


I’m an English Teacher living in China. I like camping and hiking and reading and writing and cooking and eating and plenty of other things, really. I’ve had a lot of interesting jobs and life experiences in my relatively short life and I intend to share them with you on this forum.
I’ve been in China since January 2017. I bought my airfare on November 9th 2016 and arrived in the People’s Republic of China’s sort of open arms before Donnie’s inauguration.
Before teaching English, I worked as a Corrections Officer in a Texas state prison, a Deckhand and Bartender on a Glacier Tour Boat in Alaska, a Family Based Safety Services Specialist at CPS in Texas, a Paper Writer for Anyone With Enough Money at My University, a Transportation Security Officer for Homeland Security, a Machine Loader and Scorekeeper at Lubbock Gun Club, a Cashier at Staples, and whole lot of other jobs. I hope you enjoy the stuff I have to share.